Eric Vishnevetsky

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100K FTK






Senior Wealth Strategy Associate

Team Goal

$100,000 111% of Goal



Athlete Bio

I like to think about life in two buckets: things we can control, and things we can’t. I try my best to take advantage of the things I can control, and do what I can to prepare for the things I can’t.  Cancer falls somewhere outside of the two. It is the type of thing that we can’t control and have not yet figured out how to prepare for. It’s a disease that holds no prejudices, sees no color, understands all languages but has the power to destroy lives, families and friendships. But, it also has a unique power to unify us all, in the hope to find a cure.  As someone who has always jumped at the the chance to help others, learning about D10 I began to see my worlds collide. Passionate by design and competitive by nature, being given the opportunity to make an impact on a cause I hold dear to my heart through fitness is a dream come true.  Becoming a part of the D10 community has provided me with an outlet to join the mission, make an impact, and become a part of something bigger than myself. 

Marquee Event

Pull Ups


22 Reps
Event Goal Result
400 Meter Run 1:03 1:02.06
Football Throw 38 Yards 30 Yards
Pull Ups 22 Reps 24 Reps
40 Yard Dash 5.40 5.15
Broad Jump 7 ft. 6 in. 8 ft. 0 in.
500M Row 1:31 1:27.8
Vertical Jump 30 Inches 31 Inches
20yd Shuttle 4.70 4.77
Bench Press 23 Reps 24 Reps
800 Meter Run 2:45 2:49.19