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$3,000 121% of Goal



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When you're a kid, bad things happen to people around you, and you think (or at least, I did) "but could never happen to me." Well, it did. Colo-rectal cancer claimed my dad swiftly when I was 16. That has been, without a doubt, the defining moment of my life. Now, I realize that's not a case of pediatric cancer, but to me, it's all the same: cancer is cancer, and funds raised to combat one kind of cancer benefit all fronts of The War on Cancer. So that's reason #1 I'm competing. Reason #2? The more structure and discipline I have in my life, the better I perform in all arenas. Here we go. In iron and gratitude, Michael

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Bench Press


20 Reps
Event Goal Result
400 Meter Run Not Set 1:06.06
Football Throw Not Set 47 Yards
Pull Ups Not Set 20 Reps
40 Yard Dash Not Set 5.31
Broad Jump Not Set 8 ft. 3 in.
500M Row Not Set 1:32.3
Vertical Jump Not Set 31 Inches
20yd Shuttle Not Set 4.91
Bench Press 20 Reps 22 Reps
800 Meter Run Not Set Scratched