Nicholas Gonzalez

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Con Edison Development




$3,000 153% of Goal



Athlete Bio

As part of my public speaking course in high school, we went to a local children's hospital to read books to the children, some of which were very sick. I thought it would be a sad experience. I was wrong. I came out of the experience humbled by the perseverance these children showed. Their daily challenges were greater than most others, and yet, here they were, being normal, happy children. They were optimistic, upbeat, and all smiles. When I left the hospital, I told myself I would give back if I ever had a chance. I found the D10 to be the best way to do this. It not only raises money for a great cause, but allows me to compete and challenge myself at a level I haven't experienced since college football. The training is hard. The fundraising takes time. But it's all in a worthy cause. By giving to this event, you not only challenge me to be better, but help give these children an edge in their battle.

Marquee Event

Pull Ups


26 Reps
Event Goal Result
400 Meter Run 0:54 0:55.65
Football Throw 50 Yards 49 Yards
Pull Ups 26 Reps 23 Reps
40 Yard Dash 4.70 4.75
Broad Jump 8 ft. 0 in. 8 ft. 10 in.
500M Row 1:30 1:31.9
Vertical Jump 36 Inches 32 Inches
20yd Shuttle 4.20 4.47
Bench Press 25 Reps 23 Reps
800 Meter Run 2:15 2:24.91